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Kendra Raymond

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At Me Time Healing & Wellness, we pride ourselves on helping you work toward balance of mind, body, and spirit to bring more peace into your daily life! Our goal is to assist you in finding your mental/emotional strength through our healing modalities, and your physical flexibility and strength through mindful movement offerings and partnerships.

Kendra Raymond, Founder

weare a small Private Integrative Wellness Center offering

Personalized program plans for aligning body/mind/spirit

Private mindful movement sessions to support a balanced wellness plan

Wellness Consultations

Custom Energy Healings

Semi private/Small group (2-5) healings

Semi private/Small group (2-5) movement sessions

healingsare a proprietary blend of reiki, IET, Thai Bodywork, guided pendulum & other protocols

Mindful movement focuses on balancing strength, mobility and flexibility via modalities including:


Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga


& strength training

pilates inspired core and low back strengthening

Therapeutic isolation

work for post PT maintenance.